Christine King Mitchell

The Business of Slavery volume 2


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Volume II includes the final ten chapters of the two-volume set of primary sources. This book begins with resistance to slavery by the enslaved. It continues with an examination of large-scale cash crops of South Carolina, along with a comprehensive review of taxpayers and taxes paid on the enslaved. Next is an overview that connects slavery to the northern United States, followed by a chapter that focuses on enslaved men forced into working for the Confederate Army. The last few chapters focus on emancipation, reconstruction examples of laws in northern and southern states, slave narratives from South Carolina, and the railroads from slavery to freedom into the twentieth century. The Appendix includes selected United States Census records relating to slave population and agriculture as well as sources documenting shipment of bricks manufactured by people enslaved at Medway Plantation. The Appendix also includes records relating to many enslaved men who died while working for the Confederate Army during the American Civil War and history relating to South Carolina railroads.

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