Christine King Mitchell

The Business of Slavery volume 1


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Volume I introduces the first of thirteen chapters of the two-volume set of primary sources. It begins with insight into the Transatlantic Slave Trade and connections to the port of Charleston, South Carolina. This volume also includes details relating to the Domestic Slave Trade, with evidence from banks, insurance companies, slave auction sites such as the Ryan's Mart (known as the Old Slave Mart Museum today), slavery in the churches and courts in South Carolina. The volume concludes with details on the practice of renting out the enslaved and the jail and punishment facility used for all people of African descent in Charleston. The Appendix documents the names of auctioneers, brokers, commission merchants, and factors who were involved in the slave trade. In addition, the Appendix includes the names of enslaved men rented out to build a church in Charleston and a document relating to the Denmark Vesey rebellion plot in Charleston.

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