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Southern Biscuits


In Southern Biscuits, Nathalie Dupree and Cynthia Graubart cover every biscuit imaginable, from simple, hassle-free biscuits to embellished biscuits laced with silky goat butter, crunchy pecans, or tangy pimento cheese. The traditional biscuits in this book encompass a number of types, from beaten biscuits of the Old South and England, to Angel Biscuits—a yeast biscuit sturdy enough to split and fill but light enough to melt in your mouth.
Other recipes explore dishes that incorporate biscuits, such as Overnight Biscuit Cheese Casserole, or are closely related foods, such as Buttermilk Coffee Cake, or Chicken and Vegetables with Dumplings. Filled with beautiful photography, including dozens of how-to photos showing how to mix, stir, fold, roll, and knead, Southern Biscuits is the definitive biscuit baking book.