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Six Cast Iron Recipes for Thanksgiving

Posted by Victoria Bock on
Six Cast Iron Recipes for Thanksgiving

As October ends and November begins, we find ourselves planning for a Thanksgiving meal with friends and family. With The Preservation Society Shop’s collection of Charleston-made cast iron ready to use, we looked to the ultimate cookbook, Cast Iron, in order to curate six cast iron recipes by Rachael Narins for your upcoming holiday celebration. Get your cookbook and cast iron ready: these traditional recipes will bring nothing short of an authentic celebration.

Dinner Rolls

These classic dinner rolls are light, flakey, buttery perfection. 

Cast Iron, pg 142


Glazed Sweet Potatoes & Carrots

Sugar brings out the best of southern holidays in an already-sweet carrot and sweet potato dish, especially when it’s part of a buttery sauce. Pro-tip: double or triple this recipe for your vegetable-loving guests.

Cast Iron, pg 183


Skillet Mac & Cheese

There’s nothing like homemade macaroni and cheese, but it can get messy when you have to use several pots and pans to make and serve it. Here comes your cast-iron skillet to the rescue. 

Cast Iron, pg 224


Five-Spice Turkey Breast

Slow-roasted breasts with a subtle cinnamon sugar coating are perfect for a Thanksgiving meal for two or the entire family.

Cast Iron, pg 429


Cranberry Sauce

Take the can out of the equation with this bright, not-overly-sweet holiday classic that is ready in a flash.

Cast Iron, pg 238


Chocolate and Bourbon Pecan Pie

A step up in the pecan pie department. If you’re looking to make a pie that will have your guests raving about your cooking, this is the one to try! 

Cast Iron, pg 601

Smithey No. 12 Skillet

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